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A case study in what is wrong with funding Ohio schools: River View School District

via WDTN |

A major industrial employer in the area – the Conesville Power Plant — is closing its doors in May, causing the district to lose a total of $2.2 million in revenue as a result.​

The State of Ohio is currently funding the school district as if it is a wealthy district because of the value of the land surrounding the district.

While that land, which is mostly agricultural in nature, may be valuable, it’s not being sold and the financial yield the crops grown on it is hit or miss, depending on the growing season.​

When you look at the student body of the district, more than half of them are economically disadvantaged.​

Levy supporters, some of whom graduated from the district, said not much has changed for River View.

They were being literal…

Read the full story of the River View School District below.