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Report: Pooling school taxes would increase per-pupil funding by almost $1K

EducationDive |

  • Per-pupil spending would increase for the majority of students in the nation — 69% — if local property tax revenues for schools were pooled at the county or state level, according to a new report from EdBuild, a nonprofit focusing on education funding equity.
  • In 49 states, funding for nonwhite students and those eligible for the National School Lunch Program would increase or stay the same under such a model. And on average, funding per student would increase by almost $1,000.
  • “Schools can do a lot with that money,” the authors write, providing a list of examples. “Districts could increase the average annual teacher’s salary for these students by 26%. Many more school counselors could be hired, nine more per school building. One additional teacher’s assistant could be hired for every other classroom.”