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Survey: Michigan teachers flag health risks as chief concern for school fall re-opening

Michigan Public Radio |

The Michigan Education Association survey of its 120,000 members, conducted May 14-22 was released Thursday.

  • 87% of the 15,399 educators who answered the survey said they were concerned about health risks to students, students’ families, and fellow employees as they consider potential plans for re-opening public schools in the fall.
  • About 90% think smaller class sizes will be necessary to enforce social distancing.
  • About three-quarters want schools to take the temperatures of students and staff as they enter school buildings and to carefully track illnesses.
  • About three-quarters want schools to provide and require masks and other personal protective equipment for employees. That compares to 68.3% who want the same for students.
  • About three-in-five think current staffing and resources are insufficient for cleaning, food service, and bus runs.