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Covid-19 Underlines Equity Gaps, Not Just In Health—but In Education & Work

Forbes | Allison Salisbury

People of color are being hit disproportionately by the COVID-19 pandemic when it comes to their jobs and their education plans. About a quarter of Latinx and Black Americans have been laid off — and while they are more likely than white Americans to see education as a path to new employment, they are also far more likely to have seen their education plans disrupted.

That’s according to the  most recent data from the Strada Education Network’s Public Viewpoint survey, which found that almost a third (32%) of Latinx adults — anyone aged 18 to 65, from recent high school graduates to people well into their work lives — have cancelled or delayed their education plans, and about a quarter (24%) of Black adults have done so, compared to 16% of white adults. At the same time Black and Latinx Americans are both more likely to say they intend to enroll in education and training programs in the next six months.

This makes it clear that ensuring training is both accessible and tied to jobs isn’t just an economic issue — but also one of racial equality. 

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