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In a Time of Crisis, What Can We Learn About Learning Time?

ASCD | Chris Gabrieli and Colleen Beaudoin

No one could have wished for this pandemic—and silver linings only come with storm clouds. But educators can respond constructively by rethinking, in light of what we’ve learned since February, how school time might be better used. We can re-evaluate archaic structures and approaches and move boldly toward mastery-based approaches that leverage both online tools and the unique human touch of teachers across expanded schedules and forms for learning.

Chris Gabrieli and Colleen Beaudoin

Chris Gabrieli is chairman of the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education, the CEO of Empower Schools, and a lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. 

Colleen Beaudoin, a former teacher and school administrator, is co-executive director of the Springfield Empowerment Zone Partnership in Springfield, Massachusetts.