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Area COVID-19 experts give their take on back-to-school issues

Cincinnati Enquirer |

The Enquirer presented three local infectious disease or COVID-19 doctors with questions they’ll have to consider for their own kids. 

  1. Would you send your kids to school (in the building)?
  2. Would you want your child to wear a face shield or cloth mask?
  3. Would you allow your child to take a school bus? If so, one student per bus bench (typically, it’s two)?
  4. If not a bus, how will your child get to school safe from COVID-19? 
  5. Would you require your child’s classroom school desks to be separated by 6 feet? (Some are doing 3 feet). Would you keep your child home if the desks are 3 feet apart?
  6.  If a student or teacher in your child’s classroom gets COVID-19, would you quarantine your child at home for 14 days? 

Here’s who responded:

  • Dr. Kevin Joseph, chief medical officer, TriHealth.
  • Dr. Thomas Lamarre, infectious disease specialist, The Christ Hospital.
  • Dr. Robert Frenck, professor of pediatrics for the Division of Infectious Diseases at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. 

See their responses at the link below: