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Increase in COVID-19 cases are in 18-24 age bracket for Hamilton County

Denise Driehaus, president of the Hamilton County Commissioners, said numbers show the increase in cases are coming from the 18-24 age group, and made that topic a main focal point in Wednesday’s county COVID-19 briefing.

There is, however, more control over younger school-aged children. Hamilton County Education Service Center superintendent Chad Hilliker said being safe at school is certainly possible, in part thanks to an abundance of PPE available as a result of federal CARES Act funding.

Comments from Chad Hilliker at the Hamilton County COVID-19 Briefing – 10:00am, September 2, 2020

He said more than 99,500 face masks, 50,000 face shields and 750 thermometers have been given to schools in Hamilton County. He said the county is also working to be vigilant about reporting cases. 

“Each and every school in Hamilton County, every school, doesn’t matter what school it is, has a point of contact at Hamilton County Public Health that they can contact if they need assistance, if they have a positive case of COVID-19 and what they’re supposed to do,” said Hilliker.

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