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Education associations say teacher evaluations illogical in COVID-19 school year

Ohio Capital Journal |

Current and former superintendents, along with representatives from teacher’s associations across the state said Wednesday that significant uncertainty still remains as schools go back to various learning modes, and the idea of also completing the usual yearly checkpoints shouldn’t be a focus for educators this school year.

“Step back and let school districts find out where are we, and where we need to go, without the threat of the performance of those students impacting them negatively moving forward,” said Kevin Miller, head of the Buckeye Association of School Administrators (BASA). 

Melissa Cropper, head of the Ohio Federation of Teachers, emphasized the need for the suspension of teacher evaluations for the school year. “While they have been working to adjust their teaching for remote leaning, it is unfair to assess their abilities under these circumstances,” Cropper said.

Legislators questioned the logic of removing student and teacher evaluations as a whole, arguing that the state would have no metric to determine effective learning without some form of testing.