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Court ruling suspends DeVos CARES funding shift

WILX – Onondaga, Michigan |

Secretary of education Betsy DeVos diverted $16.5 million of the funds originally intended for Michigan public schools to private schools, and did the same in other states, citing unclear language in the CARES act. In response a coalition of states and schools sued DeVos, and requested a preliminary injunction ruling from Judge James Donato to halt the diversion of the funds until the case is decided.

Late Wednesday Judge Donato granted the request.

In his order Donato found that suit is likely to succeed on its merits because, contrary to Secretary DeVos’ argument that the CARES Act language is ambiguous, Congress used language that is “familiar and uncomplicated, to say the least.”  As a result, Donato wondered, “how could anyone maintain with a straight face” that the CARES Act language is unclear?