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Parents, teachers give mixed reviews to school reopen

Ohio Capital Journal |

The governor’s lack of a statewide school reopening response, along with internet connectivity were among the topics on which parents and school personnel gave feedback in a questionnaire sent out by Democratic lawmakers.

Of the 440 responses collected through an online survey sent to House Democratic Caucus districts, nearly 74% said virtual learning was the primary mode of education in their districts, but a majority (42%) found that virtual learning wouldn’t adequately prepare students for the next grade level.

50.38% said they were unable to work from home, and 49.62% said they were able to work from home or were a stay-at-home parent.

Reliable, high-speed internet was available for 87% of the people who responded to the survey. Those who said they didn’t have reliable access said they would be using hotspots provided by schools or going to another location, like a library.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s guidance on school reopening was given negative reviews, with 29% of survey participants saying they were “dissatisfied,” and 27.5% saying they were “very dissatisfied” with the governor’s office’s response.

Survey respondents were also deeply split on their level of satisfaction with their district’s reopening plan. Of the 436 respondents to this question, 22.25% were “dissatisfied” with their reopening plan, while 21.1% were “very satisfied.”

The divide widened when it came to the opinion of the local school board, with 45.8% expressing approval of their local school board’s distribution of information.