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USDA makes right move to mitigate food insecurity with lunch program extension

Education Dive – Betsy Huber |

“Eliminating food insecurity in the U.S. will improve the health of millions of Americans but will only be possible if we support all the links in the food supply chain, from our farms to our children’s lunch bags… Child hunger is a very real challenge, one that is particularly acute as the nation wrestles with COVID-19 and its economic ripple effect. Providing universal free meals is just one step in combating the challenge. While the logistics of offering free meals may seem daunting, the success of previous programs has proven that it can be done, even on a large scale.”

Betsy Huber

Betsy Huber is president of National Grange, a nonprofit focused on strengthening individuals, families and communities through grassroots action, service, education, advocacy and agriculture awareness.