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Rural Ohio school district telehealth project could be blueprint for region

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A long commute is an inconvenience. But when you’re one of two behavioral health counselors for Switzerland of Ohio Local School District, with eight buildings spread across 536 square miles, it’s more than an inconvenience. It’s a serious hindrance to your work.

This year, the district has been the site for a telehealth pilot project that could be replicated by other school districts across the state. The project is increasing broadband infrastructure and other equipment and facilities so that counselors can meet with students in different buildings, virtually.

Lydia Brodegard, director of special education for Ohio Valley Educational Service Center, said the district is the largest geographical district in Ohio, covering all of Monroe County and parts of Belmont and Noble counties.

The project is connected to the Ohio Broadband Strategy and is a $1 million effort funded by Ohio Medicaid.