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Ohio schools COVID-19 data available

Ohio Department of Health |

The data is from Sept. 7 to Sept. 13, though some districts may have chosen to include cases from before that date, according to the state’s website. The data might be confusing for those who have seen cases announced in their district, but then do not see the numbers on the state website.

The report reflects new and cumulative COVID-19 cases reported to schools by parents/guardians and staff. Schools are required to report cases to their assigned Local Health Department who then report to the Ohio Department of Health.

A report of COVID-19 should not be interpreted as an indicator that a school district or school isn’t following proper procedures—school cases can be a reflection of the overall situation in the broader community.

In a response to a question about whether the data should be broken down past districts to individual school buildings, Gov. DeWine cited concerns for student privacy at his Thursday press conference.

“We can’t micromanage this, we can’t micromanage this to the point where a small school system is giving out information that might identify someone with COVID.”

The state also launched a dashboard for cases in children on Thursday.