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Lakota: INCubatoredu@Lakota Cultivates 100 Future Entrepreneurs


Lakota is only the second school district in Ohio – and one of just 125 nationwide – to make “Shark Tank” a class for its juniors and seniors.

The complete INCubatoredu curriculum that Lakota is following is a product of Uncharted Learning and is sponsored by Miami University’s Farmer School of Business John W. Altman Institute for Entrepreneurship.

According to Lakota’s executive director of curriculum and instruction, Keith Koehne, the program’s real “secret ingredient” is its mentors.

“We have all these great people who are willing to jump in and serve as mentors and guides along the way,” Koehne said during a virtual kickoff with Lakota’s INCubator mentors. “This is not a program where kids sit and watch and listen and take notes and move on. This is really learning by doing, building something real and getting good, honest feedback from actual entrepreneurs.”