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How Small Grants Are Empowering Parents of Underserved Students to Form Pandemic Microschools

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Using a $10,000 grant from the National Parents Union, Brandice Hatcher is in the process of opening her Righteous Voice Mentoring pod. The girls under her tutelage will stay enrolled in the Madison Metropolitan School District, but with additions such as membership in the national Black Girl Book Club, encounters with strong Black women in their community and other activities to promote the development of healthy identities.

Hatcher’s is one of 37 efforts recently funded by the National Parents Union, with the goal of enabling families to create versions of the pandemic pods that have occupied headlines since schools closed in the spring. Many of those stories depicted affluent parents making arrangements to take turns overseeing distance learning in one another’s homes or hiring their own teachers, prompting concerns that the pods would exacerbate segregation or deepen the educational inequities thrown into sharp relief by school closures.

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