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Legislators pushing for education funding before end of general assembly

Ohio Capital Journal |

House representatives are moving forward with legislation they say will finally address concerns about the state’s K-12 funding formula, the topic of a decades-old decision by the Ohio Supreme Court.

State Rep. John Patterson, D-Jefferson, says House Bill 305 is moving forward with “tweaks” and other suggestions made by school districts and state education officials, and he says Speaker Bob Cupp, R-Lima, is committed to bringing the bill to the floor before the end of this year’s House business.

With Senate Bill 358, state Sens. Teresa Fedor, D-Toledo, and Nathan Manning, R-North Ridgeville, hope to continue the same easing of testing that took place in the spring. Despite the fact that the state doesn’t expect a waiver of federal testing, Lehner said the committee is attempting to work on the impact that testing has on the state’s schools. In doing so, Sen. Peggy Lehner, R-Kettering, mentioned a possible strategy of not asking for a waiver of federal testing, but a waiver “to remove the accountability piece” from the tests. The only obstacle in that strategy is the requirement from federal education officials that the state still “differentiate” schools in terms of performance, for example.