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New COVID cases in Dayton-area schools again rise gradually

Dayton Daily News |

State dashboard shows 50 local cases last week, but there’s a question over how cases are reported.

In the first two weeks of the ODH school dashboard, there was only one new case reported in any of Montgomery County’s schools. In the new data released Thursday, nine Montgomery County schools show up in the dashboard for the first time, but their cases are not labeled “new.”

That means each of those schools reported a single case at some time in the first two weeks from Sept. 7-20, but it wasn’t reported in the dashboard as “new.”

Dan Suffoletto, spokesman for Public Health, said a number of issues could be responsible for the reporting lag, from the people in charge of reporting at each school, to a backlog at Public Health to an aging technology system used to produce the reports. Suffoletto said he has not heard of any issues with local schools declining to report known cases.