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Holocaust education required in some states — but not Ohio |

Ohio does not mandate Holocaust education, but efforts are underway to assure that teachers have sufficient resources to teach that subject, according to Howie Beigelman, executive director of Ohio Jewish Communities, which represents the eight Jewish federations in the state.

Sen. Michael A. Rulli has introduced legislation enhancing (but not mandating) holocaust education in Ohio schools, he said. That would establish a 15-member Holocaust Memorial and Education Commission, and office. 

Their role would include:

  • Inventory current statewide memorial and genocide education programs and propose programming to fill any gaps.
  • Recognize Holocaust and genocide survivors and make their stories accessible for education purposes.
  • Partner with public and private organizations that serve Holocaust and genocide survivors, veterans and (concentration camp) liberators.
  • Seek opportunities to provide resources for schools to effectively teach about the Holocaust and genocide.