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Scherer & Patterson Announce Press Conference on School Funding Bill

Circleville Herald |

State Representatives John Patterson (D-Jefferson) and Gary Scherer (R-Circleville) announced today that they will hold a press conference on Tuesday, Oct. 6 to discuss a bill pertaining to Ohio’s school funding.

Substitute House Bill 305 would provide a comprehensive revision of Ohio’s primary and secondary school funding system. The original version of the bill was introduced in the spring of 2019 after more than 18 months of work led by 16 active Ohio educators under the direction of recently elected Speaker of the House Bob Cupp and Patterson. 

The substitute bill includes improvements in funding for transportation and aid to economically disadvantaged students, Education Service Centers and community schools. Sub. HB 305 also modifies the state’s method for distributing its aid to school districts, with an emphasis on providing additional assistance to lower capacity districts.

Given Speaker Cupp’s newly expanded responsibilities, Scherer, the current Vice Chair of the House Finance Committee, has become the new primary co-sponsor of the legislation.