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Pickerington parent group demands equity over social media posts

Columbus Dispatch |

The Pickerington Village Parent Group says the Pickerington Local School district has unequally applied disciplinary actions against two district administrators in separate incidents regarding the district’s social media use by district staff.

In the first incident, the district’s board unanimously voted to reverse a black assistant principal’s promotion to principal, after a photo of her daughter, posing near anti-police graffiti (which included profanity) at a Downtown Columbus protest, sparked social media controversy. 

In the second incident, a white elementary school principal received a disciplinary letter after posting controversial and political comments on Facebook, including: 

  • sharing an image that said “Black Lives Matter is a leftist lie;”
  • posted the comment “he was a criminal” on a news article about a memorial scholarship named for George Floyd; 
  • posted a comment alleging that Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris wants to make the United States a communist nation; 
  • and made a conspiratorial comment that Dr. Anthony Fauci, should be charged with murder, stating “his little (President Barack) Obama and Fauci lab in Wuhan is cooking something up.”

In addition, the group says the district has ignored racially biased behavior directed toward administrators, teachers, staff and students of color by those in leadership positions. 

The members are demanding Pickerington Superintendent Christopher Briggs’ immediate resignation, saying they “feel he has failed to provide competent oversight and equitable administration of policies and procedures of the Pickerington Local School District.”