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Fraternal Order of Police, teachers, former law enforcement against armed teacher policy

Highland County Press |

The Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio said allowing teachers to bring guns to school under only a concealed carry permit could do more harm than good in a brief to the Ohio Supreme Court, which is considering a case that would keep schools from allowing a firearms authorization policy. The police organization said they were not taking a stand on whether teachers should be armed, but rather the training involved.

Agreeing with the language, a group of 284 current or former Ohio teachers or school staff members said the law was “unambiguous” in its explanation of the training requirements needed to bring guns to schools. The teachers and staff don’t say school districts should be banned from creating weapons policies. “But the General Assembly has required that, should they elect to arm teachers, school districts must ensure that they have adequate training, which the legislature has determined was satisfactory completion of an approved basic peace officer training program,” the brief by the teachers and staff stated.

The cities of Columbus and Cincinnati also filed briefs showing their interest in the case and support of the present law on training of armed personnel in schools.