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Youth Voices: A Student Town Hall on the 2020 Election – October 20th, 2020

National Council for the Social Studies |

Moderated by NCSS President, Stefanie Wager and New York Times–bestselling author, Kenneth C. Davis, join NCSS in its first virtual Town Hall to hear directly from a panel of students on the subjects of citizenship, the election process, and civics. The Moderators will introduce the Town Hall with brief student statements reflecting their broad concerns about democracy, social studies, and citizenship. 

From there, students on the panel (and via pre-recorded videos) will discuss two broad questions:

  • What issues matter most to you? 
  • What do they think it means to be a citizen?  

Breakout topics and questions will include:

  • Do you see yourself in the political process?
  • How well does our election process work for you, and how could it be improved?
  • What do you see as the future of democracy in America?
  • Does the electoral college still work?
  • Should we control campaign spending and the influence of money in politics?
  • Does America’s two-party political system work, or can it be changed? 
  • Is 18 the “right” voting age? 
  • Is democracy in peril in our current partisan environment?

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