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2 Butler County districts considering moves as property values could rise 20%

Journal-News |

Both Hamilton City Schools and Ross Local Schools will hold public hearings on Oct. 15 to discuss possibly moving inside millage from the general fund to permanent improvement funds to take advantage of that coming increase. 

Hamilton Treasurer Robert Hancock told the Journal-News officials want to move 1.27-mills to the permanent improvement fund, which equates to $1.48 million. The move would cost the taxpayers about $27 a year on a $100,000 home if values go up 20%. Hancock said if values go up 15%, the general fund will recoup $870,000 due to reappraisal.

Ross Schools Treasurer John Kinsel said the increase in taxes for a $100,000 home would be around $61 annually in their district. The move would generate about $825,000 for capital improvement, and the general fund would not change because of the increased values.

Butler County Auditor Roger Reynolds is fighting the state over a mandated 20% value hike in the county. He believes property values have only increased 13%. The state tax commissioner’s office rejected his first set of reappraisal numbers, so he sent a new proposal with a 14% increase to the state last week.