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Dublin student says kindness, not politics, is focus of her T-shirts for charity

The Columbus Dispatch |

Lucy McGary wants all students to feel how she did when she read the words on her school principal’s T-shirt. It was more than just a piece of clothing, the rainbow letters stamped onto the black fabric.

As a young Black woman, reading the phrases “Women’s rights are human rights” and “Black Lives Matter” was, to 17-year-old McGary, a gesture of love and support, especially as she returned to school following a summer of civil unrest and racial tensions that left her feeling hurt.

But many in the Dublin community disagreed.

When McGary learned that the T-shirts worn by three educators at Dublin Scioto High School on Sept. 10 had caused controversy, and that they could no longer wear them, the senior didn’t want those good feelings to disappear. So she designed similar shirts of her own.