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Following strike, Ohio school districts’ new contract includes COVID-19 specific language

Ohio Capital Journal |

The Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools’ one-year contract, obtained from the district through a public records request, includes a 2.5% wage increase, but also an entire appendix explaining learning models amid COVID-19, creating a “COVID-19 Concern Committee,” and laying out health and safety provisions for the 2020-21 contract year.

In order to address concerns over personal protection equipment (PPE), such as face shields and disinfectant, the district agreed in the contract to create a documentation process for individuals to “report potential deficiencies in PPE supply and areas that are not being cleaned/sanitized.”

Teachers are not required to help with sanitizing playground equipment, auditoriums, gymnasiums or other common areas, but could be assigned to sanitize lunch tables or classrooms if their time allowed.

The union will also create a “COVID leave pool,” which can be used by employees after proof of a medical professional’s diagnosis of COVID-19-related symptoms or confirmed case. A medical recommendation of quarantine or isolation due to potential COVID-19 contact also qualifies for the leave pool.