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Parent sues Hudson as schools resume in-person classes amid COVID-19 surge

Akron Beacon Journal |

The Hudson lawsuit filed by Jennifer Grega on Friday asks Summit County Judge Susan Baker Ross to block a decision made Oct. 12 by the local school board. Following that decision and after consulting with the county health commissioner Thursday about an increase in coronavirus cases, Superintendent Phil Herman moved to implement the new rules Monday, accelerating the district’s staggered reopening plan by requiring hundreds of younger students to report to class.

The legal matter stems from the limited health information available to school districts as they developed safe reopening plans. The plans often involved multiple options tailored to each family’s unique health concerns.

The district this summer required parents to pick one of two options for student instruction: online only or a tiered plan that – depending on a color-coded map the state releases weekly to assess COVID-19 risks by county – would have kids learning either in class, partly online or remotely.

“Once they signed up for this plan, they were stuck with it,” said Grega’s attorney, Brenden P. Kelley.

Grega has two children. The new rules require her youngest, who is in middle school, to rejoin her peers this week. If the child doesn’t go to school, she will be marked absent. Truancy laws could eventually force the mother into compliance.

“Parents made that choice and they thought the school board would follow the plan they adopted,” said Kelley.