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DeWine Says In-Person K-12 At Stake With COVID-19 Increases

Statehouse News Bureau |

DeWine says the increasing cases and hospitalizations for COVID-19 through community spread can be a main indicator for in-person classes for children. There are no plans for a statewide shutdown of in-person education, which happened in March. However, he says the local districts base their future plans on the spread of the virus in each county. 

More than 65% of Ohio’s population is living in a county designated as a Level 3 Red county under the state’s health advisory system and school districts have used that system to gauge if students should go back to in-person education, stay all virtual, or a hybrid of the two. At least 16 school districts have scaled back to either hybrid concepts — in-person and remote learning — or fully remote models because of high rates of spread in the community, DeWine said. At least 50 districts are now fully online, with nearly 300,000 students unable to attend classes in-person.

DeWine says, at this point, staying socially distant and wearing masks is more effective through personal responsibility than government enforcement.