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Ohio schools not proving to be significant source of coronavirus spread, Gov. Mike DeWine says |

Ohio reported 613 new coronavirus cases in K-12 students and 407 new staff cases for Oct. 12 through Oct. 18, as a weekly update on spread in schools. Last week, the state reported 589 new student cases in K-12 schools and 292 for school staff. 

In each of the six weeks that ODH has reported school data, the weekly increase in cases has been more than the previous week’s increase.

But Ohio’s schools aren’t proving to be a significant source of the state’s coronavirus spread, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said at a coronavirus briefing on Thursday. “What we’ve learned is when people are in a more formal setting – factory, workplace, school, people follow protocols,” DeWine said. “Wear a mask. They try to keep their distance as much as possible and we don’t see a lot of spread usually.”

The observation is based on the conversations DeWine’s had with health officials around the state.