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Educators can’t let students slip through cracks

Cincinnati Enquirer – Chuck Hall |

“Some call the students in my school “at-risk youth.” I prefer to call them “opportunity youth.” That’s because for nearly all of our 250 students, Marshall High School, a charter school in Middletown, provides an opportunity to change the trajectory of their lives. After struggling or failing at more traditional schools, this place provides their second, third or sometimes last chance to earn a diploma.”

“Charter schools are tuition-free public schools that are open to all students. The charter school model empowers educators to build a school around the needs of their students. That means we are able to create a school tailor made to help our opportunity kids thrive.”

“As a Black man and an educator, I have seen first-hand the way charter schools can provide the biggest opportunities to our opportunity youth. It’s why I support charter schools. And it’s one of the most important reasons why I vote.”

Chuck Hall is the principal of Marshall High School in Middletown.