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Indiana schools record more than 5,000 coronavirus cases, 915 of those last week


Area school districts have different percent positive thresholds and plans. For instance, Indianapolis Public Schools follow a green, yellow, orange and red chart. For schools to be in green, the weekly rate has to be less than or equal to 5%. Right now, IPS is in yellow, meaning cases are greater than 5% but under 11%.

A spokesperson for IPS says the district is already working in a hybrid model and has no plans to rollback.

Three counties in the state are red, the highest alert level. Two of them border Ohio and Kentucky. Dearborn County accounts for 39 of Thursday’s new cases, but its positivity rate is 24.7% Out in public, it’s a mix of mask-wearers.

Tri-State counties cases:

  • Dearborn 1,097 cases (39 new), 28 deaths
  • Fayette 849 cases (40 new), 22 deaths
  • Ripley 517 cases (17 new), 8 deaths
  • Franklin 396 cases (8 new), 25 deaths
  • Ohio 148 cases (8 new), 7 deaths
  • Union 128 cases (4 new), 0 deaths
  • Switzerland 107 cases (4 new), 0 deaths