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Low Turnout for ‘Required’ Ohio Reading Test in Cities

The 74 Million |

Across Ohio, school districts are attempting to comply with a state law requiring all third graders be given state reading tests — even in the middle of a pandemic. But few parents in Ohio’s urban districts have opted to send their kids to school to take an exam that has no bearing on student grades or promotion amid rising COVID-19 counts and widespread school closures.

In Cleveland, for example, only 136 of the city school district’s 2,700 third graders are willing to come to school to take the test next week.

In Akron, less than an hour to the south, only 215 of 1,500 third graders are taking the “required” test. 

Toledo, which has some students attending school and others online, is having no trouble testing students who are attending school in person, But only 26 of the 200 third graders whose parents chose to have them take classes online l will come in for the tests.

And in Dayton, about 85 percent of third graders are taking the tests, a much better rate, but still well below the 95 percent federal target for spring tests.