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About 35% of Ohio’s schools have reported coronavirus cases since September 7th, as K-12 weekly cases break 1,000 |

This week’s numbers run from Monday, Oct. 26, to Sunday, Nov. 1. New student cases total 1,078 and new staff cases total 769. Total cases come to 4,333 student cases and 2,735 total staff cases. Cumulative cases can include numbers from before Sept. 7, depending on the school or district.

Last week’s increase, reported on Oct. 29, was 766 new coronavirus cases involving K-12 students, 515 for staff.

The percentage of overall coronavirus cases in children under 18 continues to be around 7%. The majority of cases are in teenagers from 14-17.

This map below incorporates multiple information sources to build an understanding of the General Education Models that Ohio districts are using as of November 5th, 2020.

(Map updated Nov. 5, 2020)

During the Thursday press conference, DeWine named a new Ohio Health Director and Chief Medical Officer.

Coronavirus is surging throughout the state, with daily increase numbers consistently breaking records, and a record 56 counties in “red,” or “Level 3” status. Of the 2,773 schools or districts listed in Ohio’s database, about 35% have reported cases since Sept. 7.

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