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OEA supports state study which could lead to relaxed rules on student quarantines


More Ohio school districts are going “all-in” when it comes to student instruction as coronavirus case counts continue to climb. 

However, some school superintendents say they need the governor to relax rules on student quarantines to make their full returns successful.

Now, the Ohio Department of Health will conduct its own study on student quarantines. Officials in Governor Mike DeWine’s office and ODH have released few details on this study. However, Scott DiMauro, President of the Ohio Education Association, told ABC6 On Your Side that the study will test if reducing quarantine times along with testing will have the same impact as a full two-week quarantine with no testing.

“If there is going to be any change to the quarantine standards, it has to be based on science,” DiMauro said. “If the science says we can lean into more being open more than we have been, that’s okay.”

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