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How to improve schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to students

Hechinger Report |

What is and isn’t working for students? What do they believe could be changed or refined? Students have identified common problems and shared similar ideas for what schools can do better.

  • Sophia Perry, a senior at Red Bank High School in Chattanooga, Tennessee, says her school has been lax in enforcing its mandatory mask-wearing policy. 
  • Magdalena Slapik spoke to students — some attending school virtually, others in person — who shared their struggles and ideas for improvement. 
  • Camille Fei, a junior at Philip Simmons High School in Charleston, South Carolina, hopes to start an equity club this year to address the lack of antiracism education at her school. 
  • William Diep, a senior at The Brooklyn Latin School in Brooklyn, New York, has chosen to learn exclusively from home this year to keep himself and his family safe.
  • Evelyn Livingston, a seventh grade student at Cameron Academy of Virtual Education in Cameron, Wisconsin, wishes her teachers gave students opportunities to discuss current events, such as the racial protests of the summer.
  • Eric Sandage, a junior at Champlain Valley Union High School in Hinesburg, Vermont, wishes his teachers assigned less work and made it more meaningful.
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