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Doctors Say Increase In COVID-19 Cases Is Causing Stress In Ohio’s Hospitals

Statehouse News Bureau |

Dr. Richard Lofgren, president and CEO of University of Cincinnati Health System says staff at his medical facility and others throughout the state are stressed due to an increase in patients being hospitalized.

It’s not just staff that is stretched to the limit because of increased care for COVID-19 patients. Ronda Lehman, president of Mercy Health System in Lima, says the influx of COVID patients in hospitals in rural areas has required those facilities to reorganize a bit.

Some of the patients have been referred to larger medical centers at times to help relieve stress on local hospitals.

Doctors say congregating with family and friends, without masks and social distancing, is causing the virus to spread so quickly and among so many Ohioans. And health authorities are bracing for the situation to worsen in the holiday season. 

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