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Pfizer vaccine being studied at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is 90 percent effective, but long way to approval

WLWT and Journal-News |

Early results of the Pfizer vaccine, now being studied at Children’s Hospital, are showing 90 percent effectiveness against COVID-19. The threshold for effectiveness is 50 percent. So, researchers are encouraged by the 90 percent effectiveness rate. That puts it in the league with vaccines for measles and smallpox.

Researchers at Children’s Hospital are working on the vaccine study along with scientists at several other sites around the country. About 500 people are enrolled in Cincinnati. About 30,000 are taking part in the Pfizer trials across the nation.

Researchers are still enrolling children as young as 12 in the study.

Miami Valley experts expressed hope Monday at Pfizer’s announcement of the effectiveness of the vaccine but cautioned the public to remember a long road lays ahead before every person gets any approved vaccine.

Pfizer is reporting preliminary results. If any vaccine is approved, it could take a year before it becomes available to the general public after being distributed to higher-risk individuals. Furthermore, many of the frontrunners, including the vaccine being tested by Pfizer, present unique challenges to distribution Experts said people need to prepare to continue wearing masks and practice social distancing through 2021.

Charles Patterson, Clark County health commissioner, said distributing a vaccine like the one Pfizer is developing would be a “complete and utter nightmare” because the vaccine needs to be stored at about -70°C and requires a second dose.

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