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Evaluating Edtech tools – using research and knowing what matters most

Use Research-Based Approaches to Choose Edtech Apps

Liz Kolb – ISTE |

Evaluating and choosing educational applications for school learning has often been compared to the wild, wild West. Yet, selecting the “just right” app for teaching and learning to meet learning targets is truly a science and should be done carefully using evidence-based decision-making grounded in the learning sciences.

My 20-plus years in education and education technology have allowed me to develop a cadre of resources and tools to evaluate an educational application based on research and the science of learning, rather than choosing tools that are shiny, popular or feel good.

Liz Kolb is a clinical associate professor of education technology at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

What Matters Most When You’re Evaluating Edtech Tools

Shveta Miller – Edutopia |

Look past the marketing and focus instead on the student—and teacher—experience and built-in engagement features.

Shveta Miller taught English for 15 years in US public schools and abroad and is a Literacy Specialist and Instructional Coach in Oregon.

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