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15 Mason kids to hospitals for suicidal ideation in 3+ weeks, COVID-19 pandemic hits kids hard

Cincinnati Enquirer |

The Mason district has made student mental health a priority since kids recognized the stresses that their fellow students were facing and talked with administrators about addressing it in 2017, Cooper said. The school offers an array of services, including peer suicidal ideation training among students and professional therapy.

After 15 students in Mason City Schools were taken to hospitals for suicidal thoughts in less than a month, the district’s superintendent issued a plea to students and parents, “Please let us help.”

The district’s students are not unique in facing pandemic-related mental health challenges. Across the region and nation, people, including kids, are suffering from mental health issues triggered by pandemic-required isolation, food and health services changes, financial losses for families and other issues.

Kaiser Family Foundation report in August noted that “existing mental illness among adolescents may be exacerbated by the pandemic, and with school closures, (kids) do not have the same access to key mental health services.”

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