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Virtual learning mandate is an emergency order, health board says

Bri’on Whiteside, The Toledo Blade |

The Lucas County Regional Board of Health held a special meeting Thursday to amend its virtual learning mandate to ensure it complies with state law.

The board passed a resolution on Nov. 25 that requires virtual learning for students grades 7 through 12, but allows grades K through 6 to remain in-person. The resolution was recommended to take effect immediately but required schools to comply by Friday at 4 p.m. The order applied to all public, private, charter, and parochial schools in the county.

Toledo Lucas County Prosecutor Kevin Pituch said the amendment was solely one of technicality.

“The amendment today is a technical one and it makes no substantive changes to the ordinance. It just makes it clear that the order issued by the board is an emergency measure permitted to go into effect under Ohio Revised Code,” Mr. Pituch said.

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