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The namesake of Johns Hopkins University enslaved several. He was thought to be an abolitionist.

Chris Quintana USA Today |

In its statement, the university said it had believed Hopkins to be an “early and staunch abolitionist whose father, a committed Quaker, had freed the family’s enslaved people in 1807.” 

But new research revealed census records that indicated Hopkins enslaved at least one person in 1840 and four more in 1850. The 1860 census record showed no enslaved people in the Hopkins household. The university was founded in 1876 with a $7 million gift from Hopkins following his death.

Johns Hopkins, which is in Baltimore, is both a highly selective private university and a national leader in health care. The institution has also been tracking the coronavirus nationally. And its undergraduate students are admitted without consideration of their financial situation, knowing scholarships will cover their need thanks to a $1.8 billion gift in 2018 from Michael Bloomberg, an entrepreneur and politician who attended the university.

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