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High School Students Left Hanging on Graduation Requirements

Tonisha Johnson, Spectrum News 1 |

Students looking to graduate in 2021 may have a problem on their hands if the Ohio General Assembly doesn’t come up with a solution soon.

Making a decision on Senate Bill 358 is critical before the current general assembly ends. If legislators don’t pass the bill, students will be left wondering what they need to do to graduate and if they’ll be able to graduate. Like last school year, graduation may look a whole lot different; but to get to the graduation line, the Ohio General Assembly will have to make some crucial decisions quickly on Senate Bill 358. 

SB 358 calls for students to use core, course grades to graduate instead of end of course exams. Some say end of course exams could create unreliable data while other believe it will help districts and families to see if students are on track or behind. Some courses end in December, leaving students to wonder if they have to take an exam to graduate or not because legislators have not brought the bill up for a vote yet.

If students have to test out, the question becomes how will districts do it safely.

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