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Gov. Beshear offers new COVID-19 guidance for in-person instruction at schools in red zones


The green-yellow-orange-red scale will remain in place for schools to follow, but more leeway will be given to red zone schools if they follow aggressive mitigation measures.

Previously, red zone counties could not provide any form of in-person instruction, but once January comes around the schools will be allowed to use an “aggressive hybrid” model that allows them to offer a mix of in-person instruction (with fewer people in a school building) and virtual learning that offers families all educational opportunities.

School districts in the orange zone should use it as a reminder to begin a hybrid model of learning while also monitoring case numbers.

Beshear stressed the red zone schools need to ensure virtual learning models give all students the same opportunities as those who attend in-person classes, such as offering advanced placement courses and courses that do not impact GPAs or class rank.

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