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Remote learning’s academic divide

Helena Battipaglia, WLWT |

WLWT News 5’S Helena Battipaglia looked at the real world impact of remote learning on students and families. She was invited into two homes, one in Forest Hills and one in Mt. Healthy to see what a typical remote learning day is like for students and families.

She also spoke with Mary Boat, the director of the University of Cincinnati’s School of Education, about the widening achievement gap in learners who are thriving and struggling with remote learning. The two videos and articles are below.

An inside look: Two family’s illustrate extreme differences in remote learning experiences

It’s one thing to know the numbers and hear the challenges. It’s another to see the struggle for yourself. Two families invited WLWT into their homes, to spend a typical online school day with them. What is shown has far less to do with the school districts, and much more to do with opportunity.


Read more at WLWT.

The widening achievement gap and COVID-19: Education expert explains far-reaching impact on schools, economy

The coronavirus sent school systems across the nation into a tailspin, many shifting to remote learning models that had never been used before.

That switch shined a bright light on an already decades-old crisis.

“We talk a lot about economic recovery after COVID, we need to be talking about educational recovery,” said Mary Boat, the director of the University of Cincinnati’s School of Education.


Read more at WLWT.

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