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Dayton Public Schools superintendent questions standardized testing plans amid COVID-19 pandemic

Sean Cudahy, WHIO |

Dayton Public Schools superintendent Elizabeth Lolli had sharp criticism for plans in place, she said, to hold statewide standardized testing this spring despite interruptions to learning caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We already know that our students have a gap in their learning,” Lolli said, noting the district has only been even at a hybrid remote/in-person learning level for a total of two weeks, in October, since the pandemic started in March.

That’s why she questions holding standardized testing.

“Using the standardized testing as we typically have done is inappropriate and ineffective,” Lolli said.

“The only thing it does is it rates poverty,” she added. “We know that the lowest scoring schools across this country are schools that have high numbers of children who live in poverty. That’s the only thing we’re doing (by testing) is identifying those locations once again.”

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