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Teachers Inspiring America

NBC News |

NBC Nightly News is dedicating their segment “Inspiring America” this week to teachers who are going above and beyond – as most do every day. We share these stories here as a tribute to all teachers who continue to educate our children during the pandemic.

Check back each day this week for the next NBC story.

Friday: Teacher travels over 1,200 miles to get students moving

With students learning from home, PE teacher Joe Schallmoser decided to go the extra mile to keep kids active. He traveled more than 1,200 miles, making 229 stops, to hold surprise outdoor classes and stay connected.

Thursday: Virginia educator gives back to students after his teacher inspired him

Anthony Swann knows that educators have a big impact on their students. A teacher from his youth inspired him to choose education as his career, and now Swann strives to affirm his students every day.

Wednesday: Meet the science teacher bringing lessons to life from his kitchen

When his Washington, DC school went remote, science teacher Jonte Lee brought his lessons to life in a unique way. He turned his kitchen into a lab and bought supplies for his 35 students to follow along.

Tuesday: Texas teacher goes above and beyond by conducting lessons from hospital bed

Stephany Hume’s 5th grade students were on her mind during her 11-day hospital stay, so she decided to continue teaching.

Monday: Wisconsin teacher builds outdoor space to help students learn

Lindsey Earle, a 4th grade teacher in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, built a space for her students to learn outdoors and inspired the rest of the school to do the same.

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