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Teachers, Senior Citizens, And People With Health Conditions Are Next To Get Vaccines

Jo Ingles, Statehouse News Bureau |

DeWine says school employees will be eligible for the next vaccine group, along with those most at risk of contracting COVID – those 65 and over and Ohioans with existing health issues. 

Jo Ingles, Statehouse News Bureau

DeWine says online teachers will not be included in that group. 

He doesn’t have the details ironed out yet but he suggests some could be vaccinated inside school buildings and at doctors offices and pharmacies, as early as mid-January.

“Our kids are our future. It is our priority to get all of Ohio’s children in grades K-12 back in the classroom for in-person learning,” the governor said. “We will make the vaccine available to the schools to accomplish the goal of getting kids back to class.”

DeWine also said schools should consider delaying class about a week after the holidays to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The recommendation comes from conversations with medical professionals, DeWine said. Delaying that return would allow for a “fresh start” from any coronavirus spread from the holidays.

“It is a great way to create a buffer,” Ohio’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff said during the briefing.

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