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A Year Interrupted

Elizabeth Rich & Brooke Saias, Education Week |

In the spring of 2020, when COVID-19 closed school buildings for millions of K-12 students across the country, graduating seniors Luis and Faith, like many of their peers, had a big job ahead of them: how to navigate the end of a complicated school year and the beginning of a new one without the regular guidance so accessible to them at their school. Among the big decisions facing them: college and how to afford it.

As the first generation of their immigrant families to attend college, Luis, the son of El Salvadoran parents, and Faith, the daughter of Nigerian parents, feel the weight of their families’ expectations even as they want nothing more than to fulfill their parents’ dreams. But with the pandemic upending every last detail of their plans, they wonder what’s in store in for them. As the toll from the COVID-19 pandemic mounts, the documentary follows the students from virtual classes through a drive-by graduation to masked arrival at college. It is told largely through their personal video diaries recorded over the course of six months.

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