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Mason/Great Oaks students work to increase immunizations in Nigeria

The project started with Mason High School student Sid Varman, who with his project mates Shishir Annamaneni, Snehil Pulluri, Vansh Patel, and Neev Gupta, are part of the Great Oaks Career Campuses Biomedical Science program. They became active in an internship through the organization Leadership Initiatives, which involves American students in public health activities in Bauchi State. “We like that this is a new experience,” said Varman.  “We’ve learned biology and chemistry and medicine, but not public health.

Their goal is to increase TB and measles immunizations in Bauchi State, Nigeria. To do so, they must convince a skeptical public that the life-saving immunizations are safe and effective.

Of the roughly 100 student teams across the United States, they were the only ones to tackle the immunization issue.

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