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Ohio To Release Wider Vaccine Distribution Plan Soon

Andy Chow, Statehouse News Bureau |

Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) says the state will release a plan in the coming days to explain how the COVID-19 vaccine will be distributed to a wider group of people. The eligibility parameters for Group 1B includes people over 65, those with serious health conditions, or who work at a K-12 school.

DeWine says the state’s goal is to line people up to get the vaccine, using local health departments, primary care physicians, and fairgrounds. 

“What I can say is in the next few days, we will make it very clear where people will be able to get a vaccine. So we’re pushing this forward. We’re telling people where we’re going to be in two weeks. We’re going to tell them where we’re going to be in three weeks, where we’re going to be in four weeks,” DeWine says. 

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