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Educators Concerned About Vaccination Roll Out

Tonisha Johnson, Spectrum News 1

Gov. Mike DeWine said he wants to get kids back in school by March 1. He’s hoping vaccinations will spur that along. Districts could opt in for the vaccine but could have trouble re-opening if not enough people needed to have school get vaccinated.

There are educators and staff who are not able to get the vaccine, while there are others who for many reasons who won’t get it right now. So what happens if only half of a districts staff takes it, thereby jeopardizing their ability to re-open? No one knows.

Students aren’t eligible to get vaccinated right now and that’s a large part of the K-12 population.

Ohio Federation of Teachers President Melissa Cropper said the state will have to double down on districts following COVID-19 precautionary measures. Now that the quarantining guidance has been relaxed in order to keep schools open, Cropper said, “We just want to stress that the vaccine should not be the only thing that’s being looked at, whenever we’re looking at reopening schools we still think it’s necessary for the sake of the students and community spread and for anyone who has not been vaccinated, that we have the mask wearing the safe distancing.”

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